The Sales+Marketing Audit.

An in-depth analysis of what has been done and what to do next.

Whether a project is currently underperforming, preparing for re-launch or in a workout status, a critical analysis of all sales and marketing initiatives is essential.

We will assess all such activities from first contact through the entire selling cycle. We will evaluate the talent, potential and training of the sales team. We will offer our experienced opinion on the lead generation programs, sales materials and use of the Internet. We will examine your metrics and determine the most cost-effective programs, keeping the best and improving the rest. Then, recognizing your priorities as a developer, we will author a critical path to achieve your goals.

In selling as in medicine, "prescription without diagnosis is malpractice." We feel the same way about embarking on sales and marketing programs.

montana ranch kit

Fulfillment kit for Montana Ranch
– Bozeman, Montana

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