How we work.

A strong belief in seamless sales and marketing.

We believe marketing and sales are not separate functions. They must be totally integrated to be successful. In marketing we work closely with the sales side in planning, producing, tracking and adjusting programs for optimum results. And in sales, we apply best practices in framing a presentation that pays off the expectations created with the marketing message.

We recommend beginning with solid consumer research that leads to product development and pricing decisions; or – on existing projects - our proprietary Sales+Marketing Audit, which sorts out what has worked and what hasn't. We then select from a wide range of lead generation, follow-up and sales support options that drive response and increased sales efficiency.

Generally we work on no more than three major projects at a time, providing hands-on expertise as an extension of your senior management team. Our compensation model calls for a unique combination of rebate-able service fees and performance incentives.

Les Saisons ad

Pre-construction ad for Les Saisons Private Residence Resort – Sun Valley, Idaho

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