New Media.

Being on-line is more than just a website.

The World Wide Web. Has it made our lives easier or more complicated? From a marketing standpoint it certainly has created more options. Our opinion is to cover the basics first, then enhance your online presence with social media that strategically contributes to leads and sales.

Create a first-class, interactive website. Get a domain name that enhances search. Use frequent electronic direct mail communication with prospects. Provide downloadable sales literature. Add pay-per-click lead generation. Allow back-end access for Realtor referral programs. Link back to your site from all digital materials.

Then use social media to create more online chatter about your project. Why? Because the more links moving back and forth to your website, the better you will fare in organic search.

anabui electronic direct marketing

Consumer Electronic Direct Mail for Anabui Private Residence Club - Aruba, Dutch Caribbean

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